Masterpieces Of Modern Soul Vol 2


Format: CD

Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 69598
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Great comp featuring 24 either in demand or previously unreleased slabs of modern soul. Highlights are many incl the dancers Ty Karim ‘Lighten Up’ , Grover Mitchell ‘Whatever Hurts’, Johnny Watson ‘It’s Better To Cry’, Pretenders ‘A Broken Heart’, Bobby Burn ‘I’m A Dreamer’, Laura Lee’ Bobby Burn ‘I’m A Dreamer’, Laura Lee’ Your Song’ , Mayberry Movement ‘I Can See Him Loving You’ , Checkmates Ltd ‘ Take All The Time You Need’, Chargers ‘You Gotta Be A Lady’ and the unissued Brenda Wayne ‘More Than Just Somebody I Know’ . Also inc Freddie Hubbard ft Jeanie Tracy classic ‘You’re Gonna Loose Me’ and a great unreleased Darrow Fletcher stepper ‘I Hope For Love’. Essential


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