Format: CD

Format: CD
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Maysa’s debut album, co-produced by Ray Hayden, serves as a reminder just what a great talent she has been over the past two decades or so. The ex-Incognito vocalist excels over the lush production that songs like ‘Black Heaven’ give her. Standout is the catchy (single) ‘What About Our Love’. The Latin favoured ‘J.F.S’ and the message laden ‘Can We Change The World’ are fine songs sung in that sultry way that Maysa has. Every Maysa album has something to say, and her debut ‘Maysa’ has much to say and Hayden’s production is the perfect foil – check the bass lines courtesy of Randy Hope-Taylor!!! ‘Raindrops’ is simply a beautiful song rendered exquisitely by the lady. This album from 1995 sounds fresh today


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