Maze Ft Frankie Beverely


Format: CD

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Format: CD
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The lyrically strong songs on this debut along with Frankie’s so soulful vocals went a long way to establish them as a major force. ‘Time Is on my Side’ and ‘Color Blind’ are good funky soul strutters, ‘Lady Of Magic’ a beautiful melancholy ballad, and ‘While I’m Alone’ an acknowledged classic. The sing-a-long ‘Happy Feelin’s epitomises Maze’s laid back Californian sound, but it is on the albums two longest cuts that they really get into their stride and produce that special magic that we associate with them. ‘You’ has that distinctive Keyboard/Rhythm guitar sound and a pulsating rhythm with many changes as it builds to a crescendo. ‘Look at California’ reflects the bands feelings about their adopted home that starts as a mellow mid tempo track then breaks into a fiery percussive groove and then back again, sheer brilliance. One of the most impressive debut albums ever.


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