Memories Of Love


Format: LP, Vinyl

Release date: 12 Mar 2021
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 56163
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UK based, Ghanaian born singer-songwriter Myles Sanko follows up his superb 2016 album ‘Just Being Me’ with a new set that further enhances his reputation as one of the best voices on the UK soul circuit. As ever, the themes are of love and loss and longing with keen social observations along the way; there are comparisons with Gregory Porter, both vocally and musically’ and the uptempo opener ‘Where Do We Stand’ has that hard driving jazz laced soul feel. The pulsating ‘Rainbow In Your Cloud’ is a funkier, positive-message song, the soaring, ‘Whatever You Are’ is carried along by lots of open percussion, brass and a thumping piano line, while the slower ‘Freedom Is You’ dips in and out of peace and a more urgent tempo. ‘Broken’ builds slowly but locks into a strong groove, the cascading, spiritual jazz opening of ‘Streams Of Time’ drifts away and allows for a delicate, ebbing ballad to emerge while ‘Who To Call’ probably has the most Porter-esq vocals of all. ‘Blackbird Sing’ again draws comparisons to the man in the Kangol Spitfire but still retains it’s unique identity as a Myles Sanko song. The deluxe CD contains three bonus versions not found on the vinyl. Another brilliant album from a man who deserves a big audience. Stunning live, faultless on in the studio, check this out.

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