Memory Streams


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Fifth studio album from this instrumental four-piece that further cements their place as premier creators of inventive, inspiring jazz based eclectic sounds. ‘With, Beside, Against’ builds into a crescendo driven by an hypnotic refrain that is a trademark of a lot of the band’s works, the crashing ‘Signals In The Dark’ brings to mind a beacon sent out across a stormy sea and it’s the way that they conjure up visual imagery with sound that defines the Portico Quartet experience, while the mournful ‘Gradient’ is less frenetic. The filmic quality of the music is here throughout with comparisons to Mammal hands and the Cinematic Orchestra. The tender ‘Memory Palace’ is a more minimal piece with piano placed at the centre while the expansive ‘Offset’ reverts to that familiar slow build of sonic layers that creates texture. ‘Dissident Gardens’ has an eerie feel driven by the offbeat tempo and haunting synths, ‘Immediately Visible’ has several threads running through that somehow hold together while ‘Double Helix’ is a freer, at times semi-abstract spiritual effort. Brilliant album that has to be heard as a whole.

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