Midnight Special (180gm)


Format: LP, Vinyl


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Release date: 24 Aug 2018
Format: LP, Vinyl
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Hammond organ maestro Jimmy Smith was nearing the end of his time at Blue Note when he recorded two albums in the same session on 25th April 1960, one being ‘Midnight Special’, the other being ‘Back At The Chicken Shack’. ‘Midnight Special’ was the first of the two to be released in November 1961. It features a core trio with tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine and drummer Don Bailey. Kenny Burrell’s guitar also graces three of the five tracks. Smith’s title track is a slow blues of which he was the true master. Its slow, steamy, brooding tempo allows the organist, Burrell and Turrentine to ‘take it home’. Despite its inherent bluesy vibe there is a poise and beauty to the recording. Turrentine’s ‘A Subtle One’ swings with ease in finger popping Hammond style. ‘Jumpin The Blues’ both swing and jumps as the tempo ups several notches, enabling Smith to show his speed, prowess and funkiness. In short, he cooks. The Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein ballad ‘Why Was I Born?’ is taken initially at a snail’s pace, which allows Stanley Turrentine to render one of his most soulful solos. The Count Basie standard ‘One O’clock Jump’ completes a fine session on an upbeat groove note. It flows like a gentle stream with Turrentine and Smith in the groove.

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