Mocambo Funky Forty Fives


Format: CD

Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 68817
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This is an excellent selection of 15 instrumental modern day funk plus one vocal) tunes that came out on single. The Mocambo label are responsible for several superb ‘deep Funk’ 7s released in limited quantities only. Contributions from James Taylor Quartet (the Schifrin like ‘Highway ‘Patrol’ and the flute led ‘Walkin The Walk’) and Speedometer (the Shaft/ Superfly sounding ‘Hustle The Mustle’ and ‘Do Watcha Like’) illustrate the quality of the UK’s modern day Funk. Love the driving ‘Chicano funk’ from Ian Langley and The Delta Rhythm Section’s wah wah guitar fuelled ‘The Getaway’. The only vocal cut ‘Free Vibes’ part 2 has a JB feel. For inspiration, licks and feel this collection harks back to Funk’s early 70’s heyday.


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