Music Is The Message


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Format: CD
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Previously unreleased mid-70s recordings from an album that never saw the light of day, Sons of Slum were a Chicago band that no doubt took heavy cues from the likes of Undisputed Truth and Kool & The Gang among others. This 9 track offering unearths the wider side of the group beyond the handful of 45s they released – the soaring funker ‘Save The Children’ is a punchy message song, the cosmic-laced ‘Show Me Tell Me’ blends funk toughness with a soulful edge on a pulsatting beat ballad while the bustling ‘Spirit’ lifts the tempo and hints at proto-disco leanings while still being this side of funk. The bright, soaring ‘Funky Music Part One’ is set at a fast pace and sees the band in an experimental mood while Part Two of the same song goes into a totally different direction with a more straight up funk vibe. The pacey title track ‘Music Is The Message’ thunders out with incredible energy. Amazing to think was canned: kudos to Cordial for bringing this to light!

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