Musical Massage


Format: CD

Format: CD
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Leon’s classic and best album , a masterpiece recorded in 1976 for Motown , just after he wrote and produced Marvin’s ‘I Want You’ album. This is in a similar style, and was over shadowed at the time by Marvin’s classic but if anything this is actually a better album. The sensual mood of the album is epitomised by the heavily orchestrated mid tempo ‘Learning How To Love You’, ‘Instant Love’ (ft Minnie Riperton) ‘Body Heat’ (Leon co-wrote and sang on Quincy’s original a year earlier) , ‘Journey Into You’ , and the slower ‘Holiday’ (ft Marvin and Womack) , ‘Phantom Lover’, ‘Musical Massage’ and ‘Turn Out The Light’. Amongst the five unreleased bonus tracks on the CD are the outstanding ‘Comfort (Come live With Me Angel0 (ft Minnie), and ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are’ which Marvin featured on his album. This is another fantastic Soul album that deserves greater recognition, perfect for unwinding to.

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