Never Too Busy – The Anthology


Format: CD

Notes: (2Cd)

Release date: 15 Jun 2018
Format: CD
Grade: New / null (About gradings)
Number of discs: 2
SKU: 100699
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Double CD collection of soulful R&B mainstay Kenny Lattimore, this set gathers together a handful of works with the short lived R&B/New Jack outfit Maniquin as well and a select group of tracks from Kenny’s first two Columbia albums and his 2001 Arista LP. Slick, clean production and Lattimore’s often breathy vocals epitomise the material here. Always on the soulful side tracks like ‘Never Too Busy’, ‘Can’t Get Enough’, ‘Weekend’, ‘Come To Me’ and ‘Destiny’ are typical of his sound. One-time spouse Chante Moore duets on a couple of tracks while MAW give a soulful house twist to ‘If I Lose My Woman’. Also look out for Peter White’s ‘Rain’ that features Kenny on vocals.

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