New York Soul ‘69


Format: LP, Vinyl

Record Store Day 2020 title – available to purchase online from 18:00 on 29th August 2020

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Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
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For as long as recorded sound existed, New York had been the king of the African-American musical world. More recording opportunities, more singers looking for them, more clubs and bars to earn a living and the biggest industry infrastructure to service all this activity. But it was clear that the Big Apple’s crown was slipping a bit as 1969 hove into view. Labels like the mighty Atlantic were sending more of their singers down south to record, and long standing labels like Kapp and Jubilee were running out of steam. Competition from other recording centres like LA, Detroit and Chicago was still a big factor and this intensified into the 70s when a resurgent Philly and new competitors like Miami appeared. In 1969 this was an undreamt future however as the Big Apple still just about ruled the roost and it was clear that funk was the new fashionable sound. And to celebrate funk’s arrival in the mainstream we include here a couple of sterling funk instrumentals from Juggy and Willie & The Mighty Magnificents, and a cool slab of vocal funk from the prolific Ronnie Mitchell. But the new syncopation can be heard on several other tracks here from that veteran hitmaker Ruth Brown to the sanctified gospel tones of Bonnie Floyd. In addition we feature some upfront dancers to keep your feet moving and three of the deepest soul ballads to warm your heart. Truly the pick of New York 1969!


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