Nicola Conte Presents Cosmic Forest – The Spiritual Sounds Of Mps


Format: CD


Release date: 5 Oct 2018
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 100864
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Superb compilation from Nicola Conte that focuses on output from the legendary MPS imprint. The soaring ‘Maiden Voyage’ from Third wave is excellent, Nathan Davis’ modal gem 1965 ‘Evolution’ is class while the hard bop of Dexter Gordon & Slide Hampton’s A Day In Vienna is another quality pick. The standard is high as you can imagine froma curator such as Conte and the highlights are many. Check Michael Naura Quartet’s vibes heavy rarity ‘Soledad De Murcia’, the firey, rapid paced ‘Timbales Calientes’ from The MPS Rhythm Combination & Brass and Dave Pike Set’s indio-jazz ‘Raga Jeeva Swara’ for more standouts. Great collection.

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