One Love


Format: CD

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Release date: 3 Aug 2018
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 100778
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San Franciscan Cornell CC Carter follows up his much praised ‘VindicatedSoul’ set from 2018 with his new offering ‘One Love’ that features production work from the likes of Morgan Howell (Soulpersona, UK), Brian Braziel, David Council, and Kirk Crumpler. There’s an oldskool feel about the album with ‘Winners’ and ‘Relax’ sounding like late 80s dance grooves, ‘Badeyah’ is another, more contemporary slab of modern soul while the relaxed tempo of ‘Free’ brings some contrast. The rich, percussive ‘One Love’ has shades of Marvin, the bubbling ‘That’s My Baby’ and the mellow stepper ‘Maybe’ both score high while the expansive, mid tempo ‘Life’ is a gem. Also check the warm grooves of ‘That Feelin’ and the sumptuous ‘Getaway’ for more highlights. Another strong set that will please his fans and earn new followers.

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