People Of The Sun


Format: CD, LP

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Format: CD, LP
Grade: New (About gradings)
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‘People Of The Sun’ is Brooklyn based composer/saxophonist Marcus Strickland’s brilliant new follow up to ‘Nihil Novi’ and raises the bar a notch further. Fusing Afro-jazz with cosmic soul, latin touches, broken beat and stops between this new project is a soaring jazz epic that adds to the current cannon of strong contemporary jazz. The groove driven ‘Build’ is a crashing, meandering gem, ‘Aim High’ has a super-chilled vibe carried along on a deep, popping B-line, the post-bop ‘Timing’ is bolstered by a brilliant percussion groove while ‘Relentlessness’ fuses hard bop, free and avant with slick modernism. The thumping ‘Marvellous’ includes Kenyon Harold on trumpet. Tremendous.

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