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Format: CD

Format: CD
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Tahirah Memory is best known until now as backing vocalist for Jarrod Lawson. Tahirah steps up to make her debut album ‘Pride’ , assisted by Lawson on keyboards, co-production and on the wonderful duet ballad ‘All The Time’ on which both of their sweet voices soar above the acoustic backdrop, likely to be one of the tracks of the year and a definite future classic. Like Jarrod’s recording this album is a very lyrically heavy album that takes a few plays to fully appreciate. ‘Beautiful Disaster’ and ‘Nice Guy’ have quirky rhythms and funky keyboards. ‘Alright’ also featuring JL could easily have been on his album. ‘Pride’ and ‘Again’ are a lovely melodic mid tempo songs that like much of the album reminds me of the kind of music that Brenda Russell used to make. This is music that you really feel. A superb debut album, revealing another great new talent.

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9 reviews for Pride

  1. Simon Bowden

    having been lucky to see Tahirah perform live and get an early copy of her album I can truly say this is an album you will be playing for years. It’s a very impressive debut album and the words just stick in your head. Excellent!

  2. Leslie

    This album will stay in your head long after it’s done playing! Now my soul craves to hear it and it has become my favorite “start the day” album. Beautiful arrangements, her voice is amazing, I give this debut album 5 stars!

  3. Haneef Rafiq (verified owner)

    Awesome debut album! there’s soul in that voice and can guarantee this album will be on repeat once you hear it!

  4. Roger Williams

    Pure unadulterated class and talent from everyone involved in this project, a thing of real beauty.

  5. Tracie Best (verified owner)

    Had the absolute pleasure of seeing Tahirah perform live earlier this year. Her talent blew me away. Such an amazing voice & lyrics that melt your heart. This album has been on repeat in my car since it arrived.

  6. Mark (verified owner)

    Saw her live and had to have the CD. Did not disappoint – fantastic from start to finish.

  7. Sana Rawlins

    I saw her live in ATL great CD. I especially love Nice guy, Puddin, Alright and Pride. I listen to it whenever I need to relax my mind

  8. Stewart Kermack (verified owner)

    I’ve not had a chance to see this lady live but after listening to this album I hope to rectify that very soon. Wonderful songs and a great voice, I think we will be hearing much more from Tahirah Memory.

  9. Ann Elliott (verified owner)

    Pride is a fabulous album, beautiful music and lyrics, Tahirah has a wonderful voice and when you hear her sing you know it comes from the heart, She is a truly amazing artist who I have seen perform live on quite a few occasions and she does not disappoint, in fact I will be going to see her perform live again in a couple of weeks. This is the fourth album I have bought of hers as this one & the other two I gave as gifts and I have to say the recipients of these were equally impressed and loved their albums

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