Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Debut album from London quintet Pyjaen, this is a superb tour de force of contemporary jazz steeped in influences ranging from funk to Afro-Beat, disco to hip hop and beyond that includes trumpeter Dylan Jones also from The Ezra Collective in their line up. The rapid fire, stop-stop start ‘Nah’ is a jazz dancer’s delight, driven by a busy trumpet battling a funky wah-wah before a bolshy sax wades in, the heavy, Afro-percussion based ‘Creation’ unfolds gradually like a dawning painting an expansive landscape on this number that brings to mind the Nimbus sound while ‘In Side Of The Sticky Side’ has an intriguing sound that reminds of a 70s UK crime drama theme tune with a jazz edge. Yet more inspiring, energy filled young UK jazz.


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