Format: LP

Release date: 21 Aug 2020
Format: LP
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 1
SKU: 55908
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Multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ Tenderlonious presents this collection of lo-fi beats and soundscapes courtesy of the lockdown studio sessions from his home in South London. The cuts on this album are a side-step from his more overtly jazz oriented works and instead indulge in his love of cinematic soundscapes and ambient/electronica. The foreboding 1984 (Chapter One) has an obviously Orwelian feel while ‘Rocco’s Raga’ is closer to his recent Lahore project. The chilled ambient ‘Quarantine’ and ‘Falkor Flight’ have the same blissed calm while the pacier ‘Lockdown Boogie’ injects some much needed positivity into these crazy times. The flute-driven ‘Covid Blues’ has a sombre lilt despite the tempo, ‘Birds Of Paradise’ hints at an escape while simulataneosuly caging the breathy wind instrument within a synth driven cage, ‘Mask Up/Glove Up’ harks back to early dance/tech house while ‘Utopia’ rides on a sunrise synth that takes us to the Balearics. The bass driven ‘Forty Nights’ again ploughs a throwback early 90s dance groove and closes out this engaging and interesting set.

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