Format: CD

Release date: 20 Sep 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101274
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3rd album for Fender Rhodes driven nu jazz/funk combo Resolution 88, ‘Revolutions’ plays homage in part to the motion of a record under a stylus and the headhunters-esq ‘Pitching Up’ kicks things off in punchy fashion with the band throwing everything in the mix for a dramatic finale. The more laid back ‘Out Of Sync’ plays with skewed timings to mimic clumsy beat-matching DJs while ‘Revolutions’ is almost easy listening jazz with live orchestral touches. ‘Runout Groove’ again has a Hancock feel driven by a liquid bass, ‘Tracking Force’ brings some spacey vibes to proceedings while the relaxed vibe of ‘warped Memories’ adopts a lazy hip hop tempo while the keys sketch out the melody. Another strong set.

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