Silver’S Serenade (180Gm)


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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‘Silver’s Serenade’ is the last recording from his classic quintet; it took place on 7th and 8th May 1963.  Blue Mitchell, Junior Cook, Roy Brooks and Gene Taylor were never to record an entire album with Horace Silver again.  The opening title track is a silky mid/up tempo tune with one of those warm melodies in which Silver specialised.  ‘Let’s Get To The Nitty Gritty’ is a brash horn led blues that later became the title of Horace Silver’s autobiography’.  The track builds quite slowly before Junior Cook’s solos defiantly against Brooks’ drums crescendo.  Silver brings things home in his down-home style.  Blue Mitchell plays a beautiful flowing solo on the groovy ‘Sweet Sweetie Dee’ that has that swinging beat for which Horace was renowned.   It is an under-appreciated Hard Bop piece, whose joyful exuberance is a delight. The bright, breezy and delightful ‘Dragon Lady’ has an easy swing.  Blue Mitchell leads the soloists on ‘Nineteen Bars’ is another Hard Bop pile driver, with Silver inspiring those around including a fine drum solo from Roy Brooks.  ‘Silver’s Serenade’ is a fine album from the pianist, not his best but five strong Hard Bop tunes that is enjoyable from start to finish.


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