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Recorded in 1973 and released the following year on Groove Merchant, O’Donel Levy’s ‘Simba’ features seven killer tunes brought to you by some of the very best musicians of the time.

Levy himself was of course a heavily sought after player during this period,  touring with George Benson and Jimmy McGriff before signing to Sonny Lester’s Groove Merchant label. His ability in full flow on this record, with slick melodic phrasing that is both exuberant and delicate in equal measure and complimented perfectly by the rest of the star studded lineup.

The album hangs on the the funkier side of jazz fusions similar to other classic albums of the time with the opening track ‘Bad, Bad, Simba’ showcasing a masterclass in tight fast paced groove, Levy’s guitar weaving in and out of the rhythm section, the bedrock of which provided for by the legendary drummer Steve Gadd. Track three ‘Playhouse’ serves up a similar offering, this time with a more Latin tip, a style that also features on ‘Joni’ and ‘Kilimanjaro Cookout’.  The latter stages of the album are a little more subdued with ‘Sierra Lonely’ providing a more ballad feel but still retaining that infectious groove, and ‘Joni’ displaying more of a Bossa that provides the perfect backdrop to Manny Albam’s luscious horn arrangements.

This album is a must have for any self respecting jazz-fusion fan, but will no doubt satisfy the desires of any other wider fan of music. It is jam packed with groove, perfectly balanced, and a fantastic listen throughout.



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