Skin Tight/Fire


Format: CD

Format: CD
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Ohio Players’ first two Mercury albums are now released as a two on one CD.  After leaving Westbound, the Ohio Players changed their sound with fuller production and more prominent horns. The result is ‘Skin Tight’ Full-on Funk is the order of the day with the riff driven ‘Skin Tight’, the ultra funky ‘Streakin Cheek To Cheek’ and the dirge groove of ‘Jive Turkey’.  On the mellow tip, check ‘Heaven Must Be Like This’ with its dreamy vibe and easy on the ear sound. ‘Fire’ is also from 1974 and the title song was a huge R&B and Pop hit.  ‘Runnin From The Devil’ is a horn fuelled Funk cut that ranks amongst their best grooves.  ‘I Want To Be Free’ is the archetypal Ohio Players slowie.


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