Something New To Do – Phillip Mitchell Songbook

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Format: CD

Format: CD
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23 Great Southern and Modern Soul songs composed by Prince Phillip Mitchell, recorded by many of the finest 70’s Soul artists. The mid tempo tracks John Edwards ‘Cold hearted woman’, Garland Green ‘You Gotta Come Through me’, Mary Wells ‘If You Can’t Give Her Love’ and J J Williams ‘Gonna have A Murder on Your Hands’ are superb. The dancers incl Corey Blake ‘How Can I Go on Without You’, Bobby Sheen ‘Something New To Do’, Staple Singers ‘Trippin on Your Love’ and Archie Bell ‘Archies in Love’. Southern Ballads Joe Simon ‘It be’s that way sometime’, Erma Coffee ‘You Made me What I Am’ and Tommy Lee ‘That’s’ the Way I Wanna live’ are fantastic. Excellent varied comp from a great songwriter, classic 70’s Soul.

1 review for Something New To Do – Phillip Mitchell Songbook

  1. Postmaster General

    This CD is over due. Hit after Hit it was only last week I played his classic ” Make it good ” from 1978.
    I for one will get a hold of this CD and can I advise all Soul DJ,s to do the same…..

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