Something To Love / Togetherness / Devotion / Shine On


Format: CD

Notes: (2Cd)

Release date: 6 Apr 2018
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 2
SKU: 100573
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L.T.D. (Love, Togetherness, Devotion) was a ten-piece Band from North Carolina that featured Jeffrey Osborne on lead vocals. This four album double CD brings together their best full length releases (all released between 1977 and 1980) and includes ‘(Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again’ ,‘Never Get Enough Of Your Love’, ‘Holding On (When Love Is Gone)’,‘We Both Deserve Each Other’s Love’‘Dance ‘N’ Sing ‘N’’, ‘Share My Love’, ‘Stranger’, ‘Shine On’ and ‘Where Did We Go Wrong’. Also check ‘Something To Love’ and ‘Devotion’.

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