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Release date: 13 Sep 2019
Format: LP
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Fourth album for Brownswood, Dayme Arocena’s new set is Inspired by Cuban Santería Keisha deities and her Havana roots, fusing Afro-Cuban rhythms with jazz and bata drums. The album is named after the echocardiogram – a medical heart scanner and Arocena explains that “We wanted to create something that was a snapshot of who we are inside”. Truly global in it’s styling, the tough, soaring ‘Ora’ has monumentality while ‘Oshun’ starts off more hymnal before launching into a genre twisting slab of jazz. ‘Yemaya’ has touches of the instrumentation of the likes of Mammal Hands but with those Cuban vocals on top taking it elsewhere, the spacey broken beat of ‘Menuet Para un Corazón’ gives it an expansive, fast moving feel while the crashing, English language jazz vocal ‘Not For Me’ is a highlight. Edgy and different and highly creative as you’d expect from the label.

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