Soul Of A Woman (Black Vinyl)


Format: LP, Vinyl

Release date: 17 Oct 2017
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 54239
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It’s been just over a year since soul queen Sharon Jones passed having succumbed to the illness that she so bravely fought, but all through her illness her creative spark still burned and ‘Soul Of A Woman’ is more incredible in that she delivered it with her trademark power and style while inwardly she was suffering. This is classic Sharon Jones: the gospel infuse R&B of ‘Sail On’ opens with a throaty wail that screams defiance, the gorgeous ‘Come And Be A Winner’ is a delicate crossover gem, ‘Pass Me By’ is a sublime beat ballad while ‘Searching For A New Day’ is an uptempo highlight. The cavernous ‘These Tears (No Longer For You)’ draws on the haunting New York slow soul of the 60s while the ebb and flow of the gentle ‘When I Saw Your Face’ is drenched in vintage vibes. The album is notably mainly mid tempo in pace but the sheer majesty of ‘Girl (You Gotta Forgive Him’) elevates the sound into another plane and the fitting ‘Call On God’ takes Sharon back to gospel on a soaring curtain call. Superb album.

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