Format: CD

Release date: 21 Aug 2020
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101550
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Saxophonist/composer Nubya Garcia delivers her debut album in the form of the 9-track ‘Sources’, a set that pays homage to the many diverse influences that help build this exciting full-length offering. The brooding,dark mood of ‘Pace’ brings to mind elements of Christian Scott in places; the battle-sax riding over the frenetic, broken percussion and bass, while the galloping groove of ‘The Message Continues’ finds her in more modal territory. ‘Source’ kicks off with a dub feel and slips into freer improvisation for the second section while the mellower ‘Together Is A Beautiful Place To Be’ is a welcome respite amidst the storm. ‘Stand With Each other’ has a spiritual aura in its sparse, stripped back form, ‘Inner Form’ returns to the crashing modal of earlier cuts while the Afro-Cuban ‘La Cumbia Me Esta Llamando’ adds another slew of influences into the melting pot. The pacey ‘Before Us’ is a tough modal workout that finds Nubya’s sax climbing ever higher, before the album closes with the dreamy, expansive mellow ‘Boundless Beings’. Brilliant album from this highly accomplished artist.

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