Format: CD

Release date: 1 Sep 2017
Format: CD
Grade: New / null (About gradings)
SKU: 100277
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Brand new collaboration between UK stalwart Sulene Fleming and Dimitris Dimopoulos ‘Sparkle’ is a jazz funk inflected soul gem that sparkles from the off. Think old school arrangements and production with a modern pedigree coupled with strong playing (not to mention a guest contribution from Jeff Lorber on the infectious ‘Electric Love’) and you have a bright, energetic album of solid grooves. Fans of Tristan will find a lot here to enjoy buy the appeal reaches further – slick, irresistible b-lines, shimmering keys and Sulene’s strong, breathy vocals work well both with uptempo cuts like ‘Sparkle’, ‘Funky Inspiration’ and ‘Lets Stay’ and the mellow moments such as ‘One Of Those Day’s and ‘London To America’. The wiry boogie of the Roy Ayers inspired ‘Butterfly’ is maybe the pick of the uptempo tracks. Great set.

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