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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Sparkle was a female vocal trio from Connecticut, assembled by the producer Harold Sargent, the drummer of Wood, Brass & Steel. This, their sole release, was originally released in 1979 with the music performed by Too Much Too Soon—the multiracial R&B band that featured Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, the writing/production team that would discover Rihanna and power her career to global dominance fifteen years later. Rahni Harris also features on the project and his club classic “Six Million Steps” is also included on the album. The soulful ‘You’ is a highlight and perhaps the strongest cut on the album but don’t be deceived by the frantic, jazzy opening restrain, uptempo disco burners such as ‘Disco Madness’ and ‘Let Yourself Go’ are high energy dancers while the slower, funky ‘Down Your way’ is also a standout. If you ever wanted to know what a super rare, four-figure disco album sounds like, grab yours!


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