Soul Soul & Spirit


Format: CD

Release date: 5 Jun 2017
Format: CD
Grade: New / null (About gradings)
SKU: 100114
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James Day is well known and admire for his slick, warm and rich soul grooves and ‘Spirited’ has this in spades. The sumptuous vibe of ‘Speak Love’ is a lush head nodder while the tempo is turned up on the pulsating ‘Love Is My Bible’. ‘It’s All Divine’ is a solid, mid tempo foot tapper that is impossible not to move to while ‘Battlegrounds’ is an emphatic beat ballad with a soaring, almost gospel feel in fitting with the album’s general message. ‘Forgiveness’ again soars with a great lead vocal duet while ‘We Dance’ has a throwback vibe and is a call to the dancefloor. Solid stuff from Mr Day and co.

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