Spiritual Jazz Vol 2 – Europe


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Jazzman releases yet another quality compilation. Spiritual Jazz Volume 2 features ‘esoteric, modal and deep European Jazz’. The recordings cover the period 1963 to 1978, but mainly the late sixties and very early seventies..The music is varied; there are some great moments. Mick Garrick Sextet’s ‘Temple Dancer’ is mystical whilst Nicolai Gromin’s atmospheric ‘Corrida’ is sublime and Heikki Saramento’s truly spiritual ‘Duke And Trane’ is inspirational. The bright and breezy ‘Nana Imboro’ from Wroblewski Jazz Quintet adds a touch of light Dusko Goykovic’s ‘Bosnia calling’ has a Spanish feel, as does the Coltrane influenced ‘Las Morillas De Jaen’ from Pedro Iturralde that also has medieval undertones.

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