Spread Love


Format: CD

Release date: 6 Sep 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101270
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Timely reissue of this 1976 soul/jazz classic, this masterpiece has long been considered a grail amongst collectors and it’s nearly 20 years since it was last widely available on vinyl. The emphatic title track ‘Spread Love’ is a soaring, drama filled epic full of portent and energy, the pounding modern soul gem ‘Here I Go Through These Changes Again’ is a bittersweet dancer that has been a DJ pick forever while the instrumental ‘A Piece of Mine’ blends funky soul with jazz touches. The bass riff on ‘You Opened My Eyes To The World’ carries the jazzy soul feel perfectly, the delicate summery ‘Afterwhile’ carries us off to an idyllic destination somewhere in the minds of (Casey) Harris and Orr while ‘Ecstasy, Fantasy and Dreamland’ is a bubbling dancer. ‘Keep My Fire Burning’, ‘Feelings’ and ‘Let Me Be With You Awhile’ offer balance to the more uptempo numbers and are strong, expansive ballads that work so well in the context of the album. Rightly hunted down on original by collectors, this issue is unmissable.

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