Spring Nyc Soul


Format: CD

Release date: 31 Jan 2020
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101407
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Spring, Event and Posse labels. 23 track compilation from NY’s Spring, Event and Posse labels including six previously unreleased cuts, all of which making their debut on Kent CDs. Garland Green’s bright ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, C-Brand’s two-stepper ‘Plenty Of Love’, Victor Tavares’ ‘Falling In Love’, Act-1’s ‘Do You Feel It’ and Ray Godfrey’s skipping ‘I Love You More Than Anything’ are highlights, as is Ronnie Walker’s sparkling falsetto ‘Magic’s In The Air’. The Fatback Band turn out a good harmony ballad ‘If You Coul Turn Into Me’ while Joe Simon’s ‘Your Turn To Cry’ is also impressive. Don’t overlook Maxine Weldon’s husky tones on the deep ‘I’m The Other Half Of You’

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