Stand Up


Format: CD

Format: CD
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Strong debut album from Madrid’s Astrid Jones and the Blue Flaps, there’s a definite Jazz lean to this good, tight, well played and produced ten track set of soul, Jazz and funk. Jones is a well known actress in Spain. ‘Something Else’ is a strong opener: mid tempo, warm bass line with some good sax and organ work really bringing out the mood. ‘Higher’ has slight afro feel in the licked guitar line while the title track ‘Stand Up’ is a low slung, bluesy number, delightfully sparse and atmospheric. ‘I Wanna Say’ is perhaps the standout track on the album: spacey, laid back cool vibes with some lovely Rhodes lines and bubbling guitar licks ebbing and flowing, while ‘Who They Are’ has a similar feel to material produced by recent band Tristan.

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