Format: CD

Release date: 14 Jun 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101206
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Absolute killer album from the Fable imprint out of Austin, Texas, this warm, jazzy-soul set is a grail among collectors and is here on a limited vinyl press of 1000 copies. The free soul of ‘False Paradise’ is a rare groove classic with Liza Farrow-Gillespie’s jazzy vocals perfectly complimenting the horn stabs and rolling keys, the pacier funk instrumental ‘Catharsis’ offers contrast while the yacht-soul of ‘Quicksand’ is a mellow, breezy groover. ‘Flow’ again shows the band’s particular brand of funky jazz, the ponderous ‘Getting Going’ has an ethereal vibe, ‘Funky Little Home’ sounds as live and vital as they come while the warm, keyboard driven ‘Grandfather Clock’ hears Liza free/scat form on the vox. No wonder this has legendary status. Essential!


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