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Release date: 18 Oct 2019
Format: CD
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Jukka Eskola Soul Trio’s second album on Timmion is an exercise in cool 60s mod jazz – the opener ‘Tiny B’ sounds like a theme tune that would be at home on a documentary about air travel circa 1965, ‘Old Stone’s is more uptempo with rapid exchanges of drums and brass, ‘Five On Three’ rolls and swings and sounds as if it came from another era while ‘Hanky Panky’ has touches of Brit jazz from the epoch of Carnaby Street and Ronnie Scotts. The firey ‘Stick On A Branch’ is a rapid fire dancer, the mild bossa of ‘Jongo Street’ is driven by an undercurrent of warm organ stabs while the lazy funk of ‘Steamy’ finds the group in an almost hypnotic groove. Brilliant stuff that sounds like it’s been buried in a can for half a century!

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