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Release date: 26 Jul 2019
Format: CD
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Brownswood Recording’s ‘Sunny Side Up’ collection gathers together stellar examples of Melbourne’s thriving contemporary jazz scene on this superb 9-track voyage of discovery. The ponderous, mood filled ‘Banksia’ from Phil Stroud kicks things off in style before Dufresne’s multi-dimensional ‘Pick Up/Galaxy’ offers different vibe altogether. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange’s broken beat, flute lead gem ‘Powers 2 (The People) is a jagged edged dancer, Alysha Joy’s cosmic ‘Orbit’ has an ethereal, floating feel, Horatio Luna’s thumping ‘The Wake-up’ is set to a 4/4 beat that is driven along with an insistent percussion line while Silentjay’s gorgeous latin jazz Eternal/Internal peace blends spiritual jazz with cuban grooves. Audrey Powne’s ‘Bleeding Hearts’ also scores high, built around a meandering upright bass, sparkling piano with the vocalist switching between trumpet and vocals before an epic crescendo descends. Brilliant, essential compilation.

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