Take I’M Yours – Buddah Years Anthology


Format: CD

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Release date: 9 Feb 2018
Format: CD
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Number of discs: 2
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Extensive 33 track anthology looking at award winning singer, songwriter and producer Michael Henderson’s output for Buddah between 1976 and 1983. Henderson worked with many esteemed collaborators including Norman Connors ‘You Are My Starship’, Jean Carn ‘Valentine Love’ as well as Phyllis Hyman ‘Can’t We Fall In Love Again’ and straddled everything from the pulsating stomp of the atmospheric ‘Riding’, to slick mid-tempo numbers like ‘Goin’ Places’, to steppers like ‘Come To Me’ and funkier efforts like ‘Wide Receiver’. Henderson’s pedigree was well established by the time he cuts these tracks – he’d already been a bass player with the Detroit Emeralds, played on a slew of Motown tracks and been a part of Miles Davis’ touring band for five years.

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