The Cat Walk


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 1 May 2020
Format: LP, Vinyl
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Donald Byrd’s second session for Blue Note in just over two weeks, ‘The Cat Walk’ was recorded on 2nd May 1961.  The previous session ‘Chant’ from 17th April remained in the can for 18 years.  The album features Duke Pearson on piano, Pepper Adams on baritone sax plus bassist Laymon Jackson and legendary drummer Philly Joe Jones.  The Pearson original ‘Say You’re Mine’ opens with a somewhat under-stated performance on which Byrd mutes his trumpet and there is a relaxed feel to it.  ‘Duke’s Mixture’ is another from the pen of Pearson.  It is a bright and breezy Bop number that has a chopped rhythm.  The Byrd and Pearson co-written ‘Every Time I Think Of You’ is another light groove that Byrd plays with the use of space that his typifies his early 60’s work.  His sprightly tone oozes class, whilst Duke’s piano playing exudes a joyful delicacy.  Despite its opening stop start rhythm, ‘Cat Walk’ is a sleek piece with Byrd’s playing again showing a maturity and well-rounded sound that belies his relative inexperience.  Philly Joe Jones’ drums are outstanding as he negotiates a tricky arrangement.  Neal Hefti’s ‘Cute’ is taken at double quick time, driven by Jones’ drum and cymbal work, his solo late on is topped off by Byrd in full flow. Pearson contributes another tune ‘Hello Bright Sunflower’ on which Byrd returns to the muted trumpet.  ‘The Cat Walk’ shows Donald Byrd was in top form.

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