The Centennial Trilogy : Rebel Ruler


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Format: CD
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Trumpeter, composer, producer, designer of innovative instruments and interactive media Christian Scott is set to release a suite of releases entitled The Centennial Trilogy. The first release is ‘Ruler Rebel’ and the opening title track offers a glimpse into what to expect – cavernous, brooding and haunting jazz set to a hypnotic mid tempo groove. ‘New Orlean Love Song’ has elements of calypso, mardi gras and African rhythms, ‘Phases’ has an almost Eastern feel punctuated by the whispery vocals of Elizabeth Charles, while ‘Rise Again’ blends the high echo brass of Scott with a programmed percussion that creates a good tension. ‘Encryption’ is a highly rhythmic piece complemented by a weaving flute line and multi-layered percussion. Experimental and bold.

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