The Cymbals/Cymbals Sessions


Format: LP, Vinyl


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Release date: 21 Apr 2018
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 2
SKU: RSD18114
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*****RECORD STORE DAY TITLE AVAILABLE IN STORE from 8am SATURDAY 21ST APRIL 2018. Limited to one per customer. Will be available to buy on-line from Saturday 28th April 2018, if still in stock.*****

In 1973 Sun Ra and Arkestra established base in Variety Recording Studios in NYC to record an album for the Impulse! jazz label; depending on who you ask, this album was to be either titled Cymbals or Symbols. Half of this set eventually surfaced on the astro black market, but we’ve gone back to the original reels to bring you Cymbals as it was meant to be heard and paired with a second LP (Symbols) of unheard material from the 1973 sessions. Hear Ra’s Baroque soundscapes, electrolytic clusters and dithering Moogs catalyze images of monoliths, space stations, computers malfunctioning and galaxies imploding on pristine colored colored vinyl, all packaged in a gatefold jacket with liner notes by known Ra-fficianado Brother Cleve, with new art interpreted from the work of Jim Flora.

CD1:The World Of The Invisible (Sun Ra) (6:50) Thoughts Under a Dark Blue Light (Sun Ra) (16:28) The Order Of The Pharaonic Jesters (Sun Ra) (7:23) The Mystery Of Two (Sun Ra) (7:33) Land Of The Day Star (Sun Ra) (3:55)CD2:The Universe Is Calling (Sun Ra) (4:07) Space Landing (Sun Ra) (7:13) Of Drastic Measures (Sun Ra) (4:48) Of Otherness (Sun Ra) (7:34) Myth Evidential (Sun Ra) (13:26) Destination Of The Known Unknown (Sun Ra) (9:36)


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