The Last Word


Format: CD


Release date: 19 Apr 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
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‘The Last Word’ is the first studio album from the O’Jays in fifteen years and as the name would suggest, it is also their last. The opener ‘I Got You’ is pure, uplifting Philly soul – bubbling percussion a delicate strings give it that classic feel – the brooding ‘Stand Up (Show Love)’ harks back to mid 70s period O’Jays while ‘Enjoy Yourself’ captures the classic era when the City Of Brotherly Love ruled. The stunning crossover vibe of ‘Do You Really Know How I Feel’ has southern touches, the tough street funker ‘Above The Law’ carries a strong message, the bubbling ’68 Summer Nights’ sounds more like a Teddy P era Harold Melvin tune while the pulsating ‘Start Stopping’ could have come straight from a canned late 70s O’Jays session. The bluesy ‘Pressure’ drips with mid tempo tension while the band sign off with the piano lead harmony tune ‘I’ll be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I was Today)’. Superb, authentic, classic old-school soul. Those voices are on point throughout!

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