The Pye Girls Coloured My World; (32 Brit Girl Tunes Of The Swinging Sixties)


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 27 Nov 2020
Format: LP, Vinyl
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Number of discs: 2
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Originally a British manufacturer of Televisions and Radios, Pye Records was formed in 1959 with a vision to release pop music by British artists. Pye was the last of the major record companies to release a 45rpm single, but once it finally embraced the format in 1960 both Pye and it’s little sister, Piccadilly Records, gave these British girls their voice and spawned a host of fantastic femme-pop 45s that provided the soundtrack to the colourful, confident and downright fun place that was Swinging Sixties Britain, and it is in these companies catalogues that we find our inspiration for this compilation of some of the finest British Female Pop ever recorded. It includes hits & obscure songs from Petula Clark, Tawny Reed, Val McKenna, The Caravelles, Sandra Barry and many more. Available as a limited edition of 1500 individually numbered copies on crystal water coloured vinyl on Black Friday RSD. This release includes an exclusive print. SIDE A 1 Petula Clark – Gotta Tell The World 2 Sandra Barry – Stop! Thief 3 Val Mckenna – Now That You Have Made Up Your Mind 4 The Baker Twins – Words Written On Water 5 The Ferris Wheel – B.A.B.Y. 6 Mally Page – You Can Be Wrong About Boys 7 Tawny Reed – My Heart Cries 8 Billie Davis – No Other Baby SIDE B 1 Nita Rossi – Something To Give 2 Helen Shapiro – Silly Boy (I Love You) 3 The Caravelles – The Other Side Of Love 4 Sharon Tandy – Now That You’ve Gone 5 Jackie Trent – You Baby 6 Jan Panter – Put Yourself In My Place 7 Val McKenna – Don’t Hesitate 8 Peanut – Thank Goodness For The Rain SIDE C 1 The Breakaways – That’s How It Goes 2 Sandra Barry – We Were Lovers (When The Party Began) 3 The Paper Dolls – Something Here In My Heart (Keeps A-Tellin’ Me No) 4 Antoinette – There He Goes (The Boy I Love) 5 Baby Do It – Val McKenna 6 Tawny Reed – Needle In A Haystack 7 Barbara Ruskin – Song Without End 8 Glenda Collins – Something I’ve Got To Tell You SIDE D 1 Two Of Each – Colour My World 2 Petula Clark – The Life And Soul Of The Party 3 Nita Rossi – Untrue Unfaithful (That Was You) 4 Simone Jackson – Tell Me What To Do 5 Judy Cannon – The Very First Day I Met You 6 Glo Macari – He Knows I Love Him Too Much 7 Shirley Abicair – I Will Be There 8 Tammy St John – Dark Shadows and Empty Hallways


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