The Shores Of Infinity


Format: LP

Australian Spiritual Jazz band Menagerie make their forth album ‘Shores Of Infinity’ their third on the Freestyle label. ‘Shores Of Infinity’ is a very energetic opener with heavy drums and a spiritual approach. ‘Kingdom’ is a stand out track which has a classic Roy Ayers rare groove feel to it, with off key vocals and vibes over a wicked bass line and unusual keyboard riffs that may have been influenced by Leon Thomas ‘Shade Your Mind to Die’. ‘Earthrise’ is a soprano sax led Jazz dancer featuring Phil Noy, whilst ’Arrival’ is more mid tempo fusion highlighting Lance Ferguson’s guitar playing. ‘Danieda’s Dance’ is a great Coltrane-esq Modal Jazz workout featuring Tyner-esq keyboards from Mark Fitzgibbon, that builds as it progresses through over 8 minutes of high level playing. Really nice album that keeps up the standard of their previous releases, and if anything exceeds them. 

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Format: LP
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