The Storyteller – A Musical Tribute To Yusef Lateef


Format: CD

Release date: 13 Sep 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101272
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Premier UK saxophonist Nat Birchall’s reputation has grown year on year and this tribute to Yusef Lateef is an outstanding document of his abilities to both interpret and honour the works of the master. Covers such as ‘Ching Miau’ and the sublime ‘Love Theme From Spartacus’ are handled impeccably, adding Birchall’s own signature to these totemic pieces while the Eastern sounding ‘Mashikiri’ utilises a trickier time signature to create tension. The spiritual gem ‘Morning’ unfolds gradually with majesty, ‘Ringo Oiwake’ is wonderfully tight and subtle, ‘Brother John’ hails from Lateef’s mid-70s period – the ringing piano chiming well with the urgent drums – while Birchall’s sax snakes in and out. The gentle ‘Willow’s Walk’ is underpinned by an ebbing bass that compliments the trickle down keys while the superb ‘Not Yet Ornette’ pays tribute to another giant of jazz, Ornette Coleman. The joyous ‘Inward Flight’ rides on bright, open piano riffs while the smoky ‘Salaam Brother Yusef’ means ‘Peace Unto You…’ in Arabic and is a fitting end to this exceptional album.

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