The World That We Live In


Format: CD

Release date: 22 Sep 2017
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Format: CD
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Following the trend for throwback, old school soul albums a new name to us but something of a hidden gem, Sugaray Rayford has crafted a stunning real soul album that sounds like one of those ‘lost time capsule’ records in the form of ‘The World That We Live In’. Rayford has a strong, throaty voice, rough at the edges but full of soul with a southern lilt, the highlights on this set are many, driven by his powerful vocals. His delivery excels on the pleading ‘Keep Moving’ while the thumping blues-funker of ‘Take Me Back’ is stunning and fits the new funk sound of today to a tee. ‘Don’t Regret A Mile’ is a tender beat ballad, the title track is a soaring, heart wrenching mid tempo dancer while ‘Troubles All Round’ starts off with a mournful intro before kicking into the kind of raw gospel sound you’d expect from 1957! ‘Dig A Little Deeper’ is another strong mid tempo number, more stripped back than other tracks on the album but superb. This comes highly recommended!

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