This Is Lowrider Soul 1962-1970


Format: CD


Release date: 22 Feb 2019
Format: CD
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24-track look at the Lowrider Soul genre, a name derived from the love of classic US automobiles which members of the scene customise to cruise the city streets of Southern California, that moves from the doo wop sound of the Vows to sweet soul harmony ballads such as the Four Tees’ ‘One More Chance’. Lowrider classics are provided by the Whispers, Barbara Mason, the Ambassadors, Brenton Wood and Lee Williams & the Cymbals, most of which are already quite well known in Europe. Brenton Wood in particular has an amazing knack of producing just the right type of music for the lowrider scene. More quirky picks are provided by the Endeavors, Aesop’s Fables, Jimmy Conwell and the Interpreters. Also included are unreleased gems like Melvin Hicks’ ‘I’m Just Passing Time’ and the Lovers’ Bay Area-recorded ‘When You’re Poor’. This is the kind of sound that has influenced a lot of new Soul productions from the Daptone, Big Crown and Timmion stables, to name a few.

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