U- Turn


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Release date: 12 Nov 2021
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 1
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Ty Causey from Indiana has become one of the most consistent and regularly recorded independent Soul artists over the past 15 years. He seems to manage to release an album each year and maintain his style and quality. ‘U Turn’ is slightly more upbeat than some of his recent albums.  The title track ‘U Turn’ is a lovely slinky upper mid tempo groover featuring Monet Cherise on flute. ‘Contagious’ is an upper tempo funky groover ft Nigel Lowis and definitely on the one, as is the equally funky  ‘Soul Train’ . ‘Let Your Love Rain Down’ is a nice mid tempo stepper’as,is the hypnotic ‘Too Hot’. There are of course many good mid tempo ballads like ‘Back Down Memory Lane’, ‘Shoo Doo Wop (Sweet Baby)’ and ‘My Beautiful Angel’..Really nice contemporary Soul album

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