Ugly Ego/Secret Omen


Format: CD

Format: CD
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Good coupling of Cameo’s 1978 and 1979 albums, ‘Ugly Ego’ comprises a strong mix of dancers, soul tracks and steppers, like the dreamy ‘The Two of Us’ the mellow ‘Friend To Me’ and ‘Give Love A Chance. ‘Anything You Want To Do’ is a great clubby funky soul, the popping opener ‘I’ll Be With You’ is a tight mid tempo dance cut while the seeds of the later Cameo sound are sown in the boogie of ‘Insane’ and the title track ‘Ugly Ego’. ‘Secret Omen’ definitely heralds a move to a harder boogie sound with most tracks being club oriented dancers. ‘Find My Way’ was huge in the UK at the time while ‘I Just Want To Be’ was also a smash while ‘New York’ is driven by a tough, funky B-line. ‘Sparkle’ shows the group could still pen a good mid tempo soul moment, with its spacey vibe and stepper feel.


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