Unity Is Power


Format: CD

Release date: 21 Jul 2017
Format: CD
Grade: New / null (About gradings)
SKU: 100204
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Unity Is Power is an enthralling hard to define album, a powerful fusion of Jazz and Latin, with a touch of Rock and downbeat grooves. It features a multi personnel band led by keyboardist supreme Alex Tosca Laugart ,on Fender Rhodes, Prophet, Wurlitzer, Moog and X50 keys, Drummer Amaury Acosta, saxophonist Max Cudworth, Guitarist Michael Valeanu and Bassist Chris Smith augmented with percussionists, vocals and other instruments. ‘Avenue’ is a lively multi paced Jazz cut feat bassist Pino Palladino and a great Fender Rhodes solo from Tosca, plus Percussion and vocals from Pedrito Martinez. Pedrito also stars on the more percussive groove ridden ‘New Cuba’. ‘Guarapachanga’ is another multi paced groove featuring some great musicianship. Vocalists include Lauren Desberg on ‘Unity the theme song’ and Jonathan Hoard (who sounds very similar to Josh Milan) on ‘Everlasting Belief’. This is a varied and always interesting Deep album to really get your teeth into and reap the rewards, Unity really is Power.

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