Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 20 Jun 2020
Format: LP, Vinyl
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Brilliant debut album from London producer and multi-instrumentalist Simon Jefferis, this 11 track set takes in a broad landscape of sounds and styles with some humorous skits thrown in that illustrate the depth of creativity here. There’s a hip hop feel to the tempo and vibe of some of the cuts here but underpinning it all is a rich well of soul and jazz that brings this album into the cannon of new jazz being created in the capital. The gorgeous, laid back ‘White Rabbit’ is soulful gem featuring Rosie Lowe, Ezra Collective’s Dylan Jones lends his tones to the jazzy instrumental ‘High Grade’ while the skewed groove of ‘Don’t Get Wonky, get Funky’ is a chugging funker. The superb laid back jazzer of the title track and the spoken word ‘Soul2ThePeople’ again shows the expansive range at work here. The brilliant afrofunk of ‘Something In The Water’ closes out this brilliant album that is well worth giving a real listen to – it’s a grower and on that easily goes on repeat!

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